Excursion 3 :


The Liguria's Pearls



Ventimiglia - Dolceacqua - Pigna - Apricale


An original discovery of the authentic villages of Italian Liguria. From village to village, you will discover the richness of a steep natural site, one of the only places in the world where alpine peaks exceeding 2,000 meters and just a few kilometers from the beaches of the Mediterranean Riviera.

A superb ballad combining amazing medieval villages and very well preserved, amazing natural sites, intimate river corners, delicious local products (wines, olive oil, craftsmen, glaciers) and exceptional gastronomy.


Highlights :

  • Amazing authentic villages & surprising handcrafts
  • Marvellous natural sites & high spectacular mountains
  • Intimate rivers and their naturals swimming pools
  • Delicious local products (wine, olive oil, food ...)


We will start with a short stop in the old town of Ventimiglia, then we will drive into the hinterland and its charming hilltop villages. The village of Dolceacqua will be a milestone and surely a highlight not to be missed under any circumstances, with its impressive labyrinth of narrow streets and numerous arches, its castle overlooking the village and its Renaissance bridge has inspired painters and poets.

Many opportunities are available to us here and the local guide, knowing the village as his pocket will be happy to show you little amazing walks or tastings of local products (olive oil, local wines, Ligurian specialties) .

Many artisans have their shop and workshop in the village, an astonishing experience is the viewing in a small intimate cinema a documentary-3D photo of 30 minutes on the most beautiful natural and heritage sites of the valley, a unique extrasensory adventure asqu In addition to the 3D glasses, the work plays on smells, sounds, water cascades and visual effects. After viewing, you can admire a model of the village and the castle made entirely of olive wood.

Lunch in a restaurant of Ligurian specialties.

Then, we will continue to go up the valley by having the choice between several authentic authentic villages which will not surprise you by their beauty. Pigna and Apricale are two very interesting medieval villages with many local attractions to visit, including a magnificent religious heritage, such as San Michele de Pigna and its dyptic of the famous painter of the fifteenth century, Giovanni Canavesio.

The 2 villages present different characteristics and each have their charm. The first, Pigna, is hung on the hill and is quite large because it was the richest village in the valley in the past and its labyrinth of vaulted streets is full of small squares and treasures. The second, Apricale, is smaller and more suggestively perched on its hill all in length and finesse, with a stately castle that can be visited & exceptional restaurants.


Prices :

1/2 day from 60 € / person

Full Day from 100 € / person


* 4 people minimum for a departure of tour.


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