Cultural & Gourmet Food Tour



A cultural & gourmet food tour of Nice Old Town & arounds with severals food lovers stops discovering the rich flavours of the Niçoise cuisine, meeting the local culture, the best handcraftmens and what the people love to eat here. 

A gourmand & innovative ballad in the hearth market of Nice and inside the colourfull shops to taste the different flavours of Nice and the countryside exploring italian, french, alps & mediterranean influences concerning lifestyle and culinary arts. You will taste the best local meals, snacking, olive oils, wines, cheeses, delicatessen, candied fruits, home-made ice creams & more surprises.

A custom tour to touch with fingers and tongue what makes the wealth of a culture and the most delicious food this culture produce. A unique experience to find your way with a local foodie expert, inhabitant of the Old Town, to know the best local food snacks, restaurants, shops & products and to avoid the "turist traps" and know where the locals and the people very attentive to quality go to resupply. A perfect experience to get real & surprising shops that tourists can't find without the knowledge of a local foodie guide.


+ All the tastings are included, equal to a breakfast & lunch, smiles included


Length : 4h

Price : 60€/person



* This tours are adapted to childs & families (+ 12 years = - 20% ; - 12 years = free)

Departure of the tour with minimum 3 persons (If 2 persons booked and no one booked for the same tour, the price is 3 times the price/person)

Guide Conférencier National Agreed by French Ministery of Tourism and Culture