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Taversée des Alpes an TRAIN :






Are you on vacation in the Côte d’Azur or do you live here and are looking for alternatives to the crowded shore and to the overly touristic destinations such as Cannes or Monaco?


This amazing excursion to the Royale Salt Road and the Baroque Route is made just for you! In what other place in the world could you go from sea to high mountains in a one-hour train journey?


Live a unique experience through an exceptional train line, discover the medieval villages full of history and legends, and a unique baroque heritage stud with unique and unknown chapels, churches and monasteries.


Let’s start the day early in the morning so we can fully enjoy it (train at 7:35 (recommended) or 9:23). We will start it in Nice by taking the Train des Merveilles, and you will by fascinated by its outline, it breathtaking views onto the villages, and by the gorges, and the impressive viaducts and tunnels, proof of the French civil engineering of the beginning of the 20th century. Our guide will talk you through this two-hour long experience in one of the most amazing train lines in the world.


Later on, we will go from village to village according to your desires and interests: Saorge, Tende, Breil/Roya, Sospel (and many more) will no longer be a secret to you, and you will enjoy the clean, fresh and bracing air of the Alpes away from the beaten tracks. Hidden treasures just one step away from the Côte d’Azur, at the doors of the Mercantour National Park and its mysterious Vallée des Merveilles, where more than 100.000 cave paintings are evidence of the alpine peoples of the Bronze Age, and conform a unique heritage of the people who lived in this exceptional location for more than 5000 years.


OPTIONS by bike:

- ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE  (Recommended, especially for those who don't like walking, possibility of charging the bike in the train to Tende): +28€/bike

- ELECTRIC BIKE: +25€/bike

- HYBRID BIKE: +17€/bike


OPTIONS Catering:

- Breakfast served in the train (+9€/person)

- Local cuisine restaurant (+15€/person)


OPTIONS Culture and history:

- Franciscan monastery, its painted cloister, its church, its choir and its monks’ vegetable garden, a place to meditate and to write (+6€/person) (Recommended)

- Unique chapel painted in 1492 by one of the precursors of the gothic style and of the Italian renaissance (Recommended)

- Visit of the Musée des Merveilles


OPTIONS Sports and hiking:

- Guided hike in the Vallée des Merveilles and its cave paintings (Bus + hike of half a day (min. 2h)).

- 4x4 experience in the Mercantour Park


- Canyoning or rafting in the river or regular bath

- Horsebak riding or donkeyback riding

- Via Ferrata and zip-line (+5€/person 2-3h)

- Short walks aroud the villages


(ask for cost estimates)


Possibility of staying one night (or more) in a hotel, inn, shelter or campsite/mobile home/yurt and of planning the activities for several days with walks in the Mercantour National Mark (sport or relaxing activities, massages, spa and wellbeing).


Choose the option that suits you best and ask for the plan! We will send you the best possible plan according to the tours organized and our availability.


Base price: 79€/person,

Included: Roundtrip train ticket, local guide, local specialty picnic lunch (packed meal).


4 people minimum.


Planned departures on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays (and sometimes on Saturdays and Sundays, depending on bookings)


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