Why Choose Us ?

Nice Azur Visit is a project with a quality tourism approach to create solutions for a creative, intelligent, ecological, educational, relaxed and fun tourism.

20 thousands leagues from mind-numbing and mechanized mass tourism, we propose creative tours which is a sharing between human beings, between cultures, between stories. A state of mind of travel and curiousity that combines knowledge, friendship, health, sport, good food and well-being.

Unlike other walking tours, by bike, electric bike or culinary food tours that you will find on the market, we make a point of honour to select only qualified guides, local guides, expert guides and so to give interesting tours with real historical research, not speeches learned by heart by foreign underpaid students (often practiced by competition from the tourism industry which capitalizes on non-professional guides). This is what, in addition to prepare innovatives and off the beaten tracks itineraries, which clearly sets us apart from the competition.

That's also why we prefer tours with small groups, puting in good conditions our passionates guides to customize the visit according to your tastes and interests : historical knowledge, artistic, architectural, lifestyle, activities, sports, entertainment. For culinary tours for example, we always go through the best products, to the quality, not to the more lucrative commercial offers that could offer us the biggest traders on the market, thus making a point of honour to develop a policy of partnership contributing to fair trade, local, with small handcraftmans and shops with values and principles puting at the pinnacle the quality and excellence.

Also, we do not like the rebarbative and boring tours, filled with impossible dates to remember and secondary information. Our local guides are committed to produce interesting and rich, fun and dynamic, documented and truthful visits, fruit of long research in the libraries and long scouting in the field, to discover all the corners of Nice & French Riviera (Côte d'Azur) that you would have been unable to discover without a qualified and passionate guide.