Why Choose Us ?

Nice Azur Visit is a project which inscribe himself in a logic of quality services to create solutions for a creative, smart, ecological & funny turism.


Very far from mass turism mindless and mechanized, we propose tours that mean sharing between humans, cultures & histories. A mind spirit of trip & evasion which ally knowledge, health, sport, good cuisine & good-living.


For that reasons we give priority to little groups tours, to let our passionate guide personalize your visit depending of your tastes & your mood : historic knowledge, artistic, architectural, local way of life, acttvites, sortive, relaxation, entertainment.



Also, we don't like at all off-putting and annoying visits, full of dates impossible to remember and secondary informations. In consequence, our local guides commit to produce rich & interesting visits, funny and dynamics, documented & true, fruits of a long learning, to discover every corner of Nice that you wouldn't  see without a qualified and passionate guide.